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California Employment Lawyer Assists Victimized Workers

Southern California attorney fights to hold employers accountable for legal violations

Bringing a claim against your employer is not easy. Though state and federal laws are in place to protect you, skilled counsel is necessary to help assert your rights and pursue the action and compensation that you are entitled to. At Jeff Holmes, Esq. in California, I provide detailed advice to employees who have been harassed, wrongly terminated or forced to work in unsafe conditions. With so much at stake, you need an advocate with a long track record of success in California state and federal courts. I have more than 35 years of experience guiding employee clients toward favorable results in all types of employment litigation matters.

Strong legal support for sexual harassment claimants

Sexual harassment is a serious problem that threatens the well-being of employees. Whether your harasser is of the opposite sex or same sex, you have a right to relief and should not hesitate to seek justice. I can help explain potential legal issues, including:

  • Quid pro quo — This type of harassment exists when someone in a position of authority requests sexual attention from a worker in exchange for some workplace benefit or to avert some sort of punishment, such as demotion or firing.
  • Hostile work environment — California also recognizes claims arising from a hostile work environment, where an employee is forced to endure offensive or humiliating behavior of a sexual nature. This can take many forms, including dirty jokes, lewd gestures, unwanted touching, or the posting of explicit materials. To establish a claim, conduct must be severe or pervasive and offensive to a reasonable person.
  • Required supervisor training — Companies with more than 50 employees are required by California law to administer sexual harassment training to supervisors. If you work at a large company that failed to provide such training, it can be a factor in your claim.

If unwanted sexual attention is preventing you from conducting your work peacefully and safely, my firm can take immediate steps to improve your situation and uphold your rights.

Law firm represents employees in matters involving unsafe work conditions

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, sets safety standards that workplaces in the state must meet. Retaliation is not permitted against employees who report dangerous conditions. If your supervisor fails to take any corrective action after you’ve identified a problem, I can assist in filing a complaint with Cal/OSHA and pursuing litigation to ensure a safe environment.  My firm can also pursue potential damages on your behalf if illegal action such as retaliatory dismissal has occurred.

Skilled advocate seeks compensation in wrongful termination cases

Under the doctrine of at-will employment, most California workers can be fired at any time, even if their employer does not provide a reason. However, the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits terminations that are based on unlawful grounds, such as discrimination against a member of a protected group. In some cases, an employer might try to conceal the actual illegal reason for dismissal. If you know or suspect that you were released due to your age, gender, race or another illegal reason, I can advise you how the relevant law applies. Likewise, if you were a contract worker, I can help enforce your rights under the terms of your employment agreement.

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