Knowledgeable California Lawyer Advocates for Mistreated Workers

California employment attorney delivers straightforward legal advice

Employees mistreated at work are often hesitant to pursue a claim against their employer for a variety of reasons. Many companies and managers get away with shocking treatment because employees are intimidated, threatened, afraid they’ll be fired, or unaware of their rights. At Jeff Holmes, Esq., I empower workers with the knowledge and assistance they need to pursue justice under federal and California law. From my office in California, I have helped workers of all types obtain substantial compensation in wage, termination and discrimination cases. No matter what type of work you perform, you are entitled to fair treatment and pay. If you know or believe that you’re not getting what you deserve or your work environment violates your rights, I will advise you about the options you have to seek relief.

Trustworthy counselor provides thorough representation

My firm can handle your matter at every stage, whether it requires negotiation with your employer, a complaint to a regulatory agency, or litigation. Individual workers and groups rely on my counsel because I am:

  • Established — With more than 35 years of legal experience, I have earned the respect of judges, colleagues and, most importantly, clients by delivering exceptional results.
  • Highly responsive — Each employee I represent receives the individual attention they deserve. After developing a detailed understanding of your situation, I formulate a strategy to achieve your specific goals.
  • Accurate — My background and knowledge of California employment law enables me to assess potential claims quickly so you can anticipate how the process will go and what relief you might receive.

I understand the financial pressures that many clients face, so I offer a free initial consultation to ensure that every mistreated worker has a chance to get an informed opinion on their situation.

Skilled advocacy for all types of workplace claims

Throughout California, I represent workers in cases relating to:

  • Employment law — For any type of employment law issue, I will explain your options and your likelihood of success.
  • Whistleblower litigation — Reporting employer fraud or misconduct should not threaten your job. I assist with whistleblower litigation for workers who have suffered retaliation for exposing wrongdoing on the part of their employer.
  • Gender discrimination — Federal law prohibits gender discrimination in the workplace; California extends protection to gender identity and expression.
  • Wage and overtime claims — I advocate for employees in wage and overtime claims when they have not been paid in accordance with federal and state laws.

No matter what the specific claim entails, my firm strives to hold employers and bosses accountable for the improper actions they take.

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Jeff Holmes, Esq. represents California workers in discrimination, wrongful termination and other types of employment law matters. Please call 888-220-0367 or contact me online for a free initial consultation .